Welcome to my travel blog.

I discovered my passion for traveling around Summer 2002, when I stepped for the first time into an airplane, and discoverd the beautiful state of California. Since then I was blown away about discovering different cultures, culinary highlights, and making new friends abroad, a few thousand miles away from the place called my home.

Traveling is a passion, ... even a lifestyle. You leave, you discover, and come back home. You turn back home wiser, relieved, and sometimes exhausted due to the huge amount of experiences, memories, and new friendships (and the so called drunken nights). The next days you start working again, getting back into daily life, all you can think about is the urge of leaving again.

If those lines sound familiar to you... please keep following my blog. I will do my best to share the great moments i experienced abroad for the last decade. I call myself a hobby photographer, even a video-editor, and I'm doing my best for bringing the best photographic memories back home, to keep that specific and special moment last forever.

Please keep in mind... you can't ever travel too far!