Max Brown Midtown Hotel // Düsseldorf

February highlights the end of carnival season in Germany, mostly in the central part of the cities. Cologne is well known for being "THE" place to celebrate "Rosenmontag" (rose monday), the last day of the carnival celebrations. Compared to the U.S. where the craziest day happens to be on a tuesday (mardi gras), for the germans it takes place on a monday, just before "mardi gras".

We decided to spend 2 nights in  Düsseldorf, the city neighbouring Cologne. In 2016 we celebrated in Cologne, which ended up as a kind of disappointing trip, due to the horrible weather and the lack of visitors because of the recent attacks on women during the night of new years eve. 

We were told to check out Düsseldorf. Without any doubt we had a blast in Düsseldorf!

Not only because of the partying, the lovely people we met in Düsseldorf, but also because of the Max Brown Hotel. Our stay at this hotel definitely contributed to our excellent time in the city.

The vintage design of the lobby is the first eye-catch you'll notice while checking in. The staff is welcoming you, dressed up with denim-aprons, behind a desk that reminds you of a vintage shop from the 50s. Vintage "toys" are up for sale, like retro-ish designed boomerangs, playing cards and notebooks. 

Our first two nights were spent in a beautifully designed smaller room, big enough for 2 people. The room was equipped with a portable vinyl player, a couple of vinyls (mostly soul&indie music), colorful hangers, vintage looking water boiler & cups. 

After two nights, we decided to extend our stay for another night. The hotel staff offered us a great rate, even cheaper then booking(dot)com. We spent our last night in a bigger room, which had the size of a small studio. It looked even nicer with a vintage couch in the middle of the room. 

The breakfast was alright, the usual continental one. Nothing fancy, but the decoration in the dining room made the breakfast so much cosier. 

All the people we met in Düsseldorf were super friendly. There are so many opportunities to satisfy your shopping wishes, just way to many unique shops. Düsseldorf isn't the prettiest city you'll discover in Germany, but the city as a whole, will give you a decent experience. We loved it, without any doubt! I'd choose Düsseldorf, over Cologne, in a heartbeat.

I'm pretty sure that i'm returning to Düsseldorf very soon. And I'll most definitely stay at Max Brown Hotel.





Kreuzstraße 19A, 40210 Düsseldorf, Deutschland