sea rock

Sea Rock Inn {Mendocino, CA}

One of the most memorable hotels i've ever stayed at in the USA, was the Sea Rock Inn in Mendocino, California. 

Heard about the Sir Douglas Quintet song "Mendocino" ?  "Please stay here with me in Mendocino, Mendocino, Mendocino, Where life's such a groove". That's exactly what Mendocino feels like. A small village with the all beauty and magic you expect to happen in California.

And the Sea Rock Inn, was just the perfect match to our short stay in Mendocino. You can choose between different cottages or bigger suites. We had a small wooden cottage, just next to the Mendocino coast. As soon as you stepped out of the cottage, you had an amazing panoramic view of the ocean. Perfect for watching the most romantic sunset.

Our room was equipped with a small stove, to heat up the room during colder nights. The location was alright. It tooks us 10-15 minutes walking to reach the city center. Free parking was available as well, just behind our cottage. 

The "Sea Rock Inn" just felt like a total different experience compared to most other californian cities i've been to. Forget about the glamour, the hipsters, and all the bling bling. I'd recommend Mendocino to every couple who wants to have a break from the big city life. Enjoy the nature, the lovely people of Mendocino, and the delicious sea food.

If I  had to go back to Mendocino, the "SEA ROCK INN" would be definitely be the place i'd love to stay at again. The breathtaking view from the porch outside the cottage is all worth it.

Breakfast was delicious as well. The lovely staff took care of everything. And again from the breakfast room, you could enjoy the beautiful scenery around the hotel.

Sea Rock Inn
11101 Lansing Street
Mendocino, CA 95460